Friday, September 19, 2008


Heavy mix by Mr.Rob Sparx!

Tranquera mixtape

01. Rob Sparx “The Prayer (2008 Mix)”

02. Rob Sparx “Independent Life (TRG Remix)”
03. Rob Sparx “Heathen”
04. Bar 9 “Shaolin Style”
05. Rob Sparx “Bloodbath”
06. Rob Sparx “Trooper”
07. Tunnidge “Geddeon Dub”
08. John Maveric “The Fog”
09. Reso “Metal Slug”
10. Bar 9 “Pull Up vs. Independent Life & Messiah Dub”
11. Rob Sparx “Attack Of The Wobble”
12. The Dubstitutes “2 Faced Rasta (Reso Remix)”
13. Nero “Something Else”
14. Rob Sparx “After Midnight”


1 comment:

Gizmo and The Tottaly Stoned Gremlins on Acid Band said...

x8es phra to remix tou trg. sou arese auto to mix?